Vikas Purohit "Poorve"

A New Age Writer and Poet

objective of this blog

this blog is created to discuss on various issues and topics in order to clear any doubt regarding anything and to emerge with clear cut understanding of your thought.
A healthy discussion in which good listening is involved needs supporting the right thing, objecting the wrong one, providing solution to the problem and remove the dilemma about the topic.

I am not fighting for proving me right, I just believe in gain your support by providing logic in favour of my thought. If something which I think is wrong or inappropriate, I am ready to accept but only when you give genuine reason for your concept.

All the things about social life, India, problems prevailing, ways to improving anything or any topic relating to the human interest will be discussed here.

This is a life long journey, hope you will support me by being my guide in this journey.

Meet you tomorrow with a new topic and my understanding about that. till then Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

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